DIY Laundry Detergent

So I was just about out of my store bought laundry detergent and figured I would make my own. This is the simplest recipe I found. After work I stopped at Walmart and grabbed my supplies went home, put the recipe together and did 2 loads of laundry. I was surprised. The little bit of detergent I used cleaned our laundry very well. I fill my clothes with dirt! From being in the garden to cooking without and apron, and those little kid fingers all over my skirts and shirts, I get pretty dirty during the week. I never use “Shout” or those stain removers, just the detergent! This stuff works! I have done four loads now and am very happy. The cost of the stuff is so cheap compared to purchasing it! I have the cost break down below! Now for the recipe….

For 3 cups of Detergent:
1 cup of Borax
1 cup of Washing Soda
1 Bar of Soap (I used Dove, but you can use any brand)
Air tight container for storage of the detergent

The supplies

Once you have your supplies you can start measuring. You will need 1 cup of the Borax and 1 cup of the Washing Soda. Put them into a bowl.

The Washing SodaBorax

After that you will need to shred your bar of soap. Use the smallest hole you have. If your shredder doesn’t have a small hole side, shred whatever size you have and then put the soap shreds into a blender to get them smaller. You want small shreds so the soap doesnt clump and leave a residue on your clothes.

Starting to shred the bar of soap
The shredded bar of soap

Now, add your soap to your Borax and Washing Soda, mix up, and put in an airtight container. All you need is 1 Tbls for a full load. (If it is super dirty, add another Tbls.)

MixingAll finished!

The Breakdown for the cost:

Borax = 3.38
Washing Soda = 3.24
Bar of Soap = 1.15

So once you break it down, it will cost you $3.87 for the 3 cup batch of detergent and it will last you 48 loads, that’s 12 cents per load!:) The other laundry detergent I was using was twice this per load.


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