Make it Sparkle, Ladies!

So, I just got a Swiffer for my kitchen and bathroom floor. I used the wet towel they gave me and it left my floor clean, but it kinda felt sticky. Now, I had to find something to clean my entire floor. I don’t have any floor cleaner yet, so I figured I would make my own. After searching on Google, I found something that was simple, and sounded like it would work. It does! My floor sparkles and is no longer sticky.

Here’s the recipe for 1 Gallon of Floor Cleaner:

1 c. of  White Vinegar

1/2 c. of Lemon Juice

1 T of Dish Soap

1 Gallon of Water

Airtight Container to Store it in

Your Supplies (I made half the recipe and put it into and old juice container)

1) Fill your container more than halfway with the amount of water you are suppose to have in it.My water

2) Then add your Vinegar, Lemon Juice, and Dish Soap

3) Add the rest of the water. Put the cap on, and shake.

4) Make a label for your container, and make it cute! 🙂

All finished( I already used some, so that it why mine isn’t full. Yours should be full when you are done making it!  Happy Scrubbing!


No Slide Hanger

Do you ever get sick of opening your closet door and finding shirts, tanks, and dresses sliding off their hanger? Well this little trick is a cure all! All you need to do is take your plastic hanger and zig-zag hot glue on the top! I did this a month ago and have tested it! I have not had one shirt fall off my hangers !!!!!! It is great!  Do this to all your hangers and save yourself the hassle of always fixing the clothes in your closet!

P.S. You can also do it along the bottom, that way you can hang pants on them and they wont slide off.



Car Trash Can

Car Trash Can

Now this is simple and helpful! You probably don’t even need to buy anything!

The supplies:

Cereal Container (maybe use one you already have or find it cheap at a garage sale!)

A plastic grocery bag

It’s easy to take the trash out when it gets full, just replace it with another grocery bag.  You could make one for each row in your car, that way the kids in the back have a place to put that McDonalds wrapper. If you want to keep the smell out, just shut the top! 🙂

I know my car will stay a lot cleaner now! 🙂

Organized Memories

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You know how you have those cards you saved from your Birthday, first Valentines, Wedding, baby, etc.? Well, here is a great way to store those cards, so you can easily flip through them, and even organize them. The supplies: … Continue reading

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